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Cavi-Lipo Ultracavitation in Deer Park, IL

Cavi-Lipo Ultracavitation is the most innovative, noninvasive fat deposit treatment available today. With each session lasting just 30 minutes, and most clients seeing exceptional results in as few as 3 treatments, you have no reason not to call Nisha Skin Spa to schedule a free consultation today!

Cavi-Lipo Ultracavitation works by heating up fat cells with ultrasonic waves. Eventually, the fat cells reach a breaking point and implode as they change to a liquid state with thousands of individual molecules spreading throughout the body. As theses pass through the bloodstream, your body eliminates them naturally.

While it may take 3 to 6 sessions for you to achieve your intended results, after just one session you’ll likely see a reduction in noticeable cellulite especially if you take advantage of one of our 10-minute vibration plate sessions afterwards.  

Please be sure to drink plenty of water (at least 8 glasses per day) 2 weeks before and after treatments to maximize your body’s metabolism of fat deposits and to ensure that you’re properly hydrated.

Call today with any questions pertaining to our Cavi-Lipo Ultracavitation. We can discuss what types of results you can expect and a timeline for treatment to help you plan appointments. We look forward to helping you realize your inner beauty!