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Vibration Plate Sessions Technology in Deer Park, IL

Using technology that was developed by NASA, our vibration plate sessions help ultrasound, radio frequency, and laser treatment clients realize the full benefits of their treatments. By jump-starting the circulatory system, treated fat is likely to dissipate at a faster rate and maximize your results. 

Used on their own, vibration plate sessions are an effective, whole-body workout that can simulate much more intensive, longer workouts you would achieve in a gym setting with weights, plyometrics, and cardio. But when used in conjunction with radio frequency, ultrasound, or laser treatments, you will notice a huge difference in the rapidity with which fat deposits disappear.

The session is an intensified whole-body workout that increases blood flow with muscle tightening benefits as well. When used in conjunction with radio frequency or ultrasonic, vibration plate sessions help kick-start circulation to get treated fat into the bloodstream so it can be eliminated through the lymphatic and urinary systems. Some fat deposits will also be metabolized in the standard fashion for energy usage.

Aside from the primary goal of flushing fat from the body, vibration plate sessions often improve muscle tone and human growth hormone production.

Call Nisha Skin Spa today with any questions you may have about vibration plate sessions. We can discuss which treatments you’re considering and the benefits you can expect from post-procedure vibration plate sessions!