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Nisha Skin Spa offers free 45-minute consultations!

During your free 45-minute consultation, Nisha will evaluate your skin type and listen to all of your concerns. This will help her devise a skincare strategy tailored to your exact needs that’ll improve your complexion and enhance your face’s natural features. When Nisha meets with you for your consultation, she’ll look for visual cues to determine what factors are causing any redness, acne, or other conditions. She’ll also help you try to find any other reasons for your skin conditions like increased stress, hormone fluctuations, dietary issues, and more.

Sometimes we’ll recommend that you regularly schedule a specific type of facial and other times your skincare solution could be as simple as using a new cleanser or moisturizer.

Consultations are very useful whether you’re thinking of becoming a regular client with one of our treatments or you want to start getting custom-made skin products from our shop. The 1:1 time offers tremendous long-term value to you and we encourage you to seize the opportunity.

Call today and schedule your free 45-miunute consultation and we’ll help you get started on a path to clearer, more radiant skin!

We’re located inside Phenix Salon Suites. Ask for Nisha.