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Skin Spa Services in Deer Park, IL

Nisha Sarwath and the rest of the Nisha Skin Spa staff are trained in delivering quality skin and spa treatments that will give you the gift of rejuvenation. 


We offer several types of facials for you to choose from. Depending on your skin type, desired effect, and personal preference, we can custom-design a facial that will greatly improve your complexion so you’ll leave our office feeling and looking refreshed and revitalized. We also offer customized facials where you can choose which treatment solutions you’d like us to use and how long you’d like your facial to last.


In addition to our regular facials, we also offer photofacials, an effective laser treatment that uses pulses of light to penetrate deep below the skin's surface. We usually schedule between three to five 30-minute procedures about three weeks apart from each other. The treatment is painless, and many find it a relaxing experience. The results of the treatment, though not as dramatic as plastic surgery, will leave you breathless. You will see a marked improvement in spots where you had freckles, sun damage, spider veins, rosacea, large pores, pigment imperfections, and other conditions.

Chemical Peel

A chemical peel is a skincare treatment that treats and exfoliates the skin with an acidic solution. The peel exfoliates and resurfaces the epidermis or outermost layer of skin before hydrating and revitalizing by stimulating cells’ natural collagen production. After treatment, you’ll quickly notice a glowing, radiant appearance in your skin.


Through the use of both organic and non-organic crystals, our microdermabrasion treatments effectively exfoliate areas of the body including the face, chest, and hands. After just one treatment, your microcirculation could improve tenfold, and you’ll quickly realize a more youthful appearance brought on by a surge in collagen production!

Achieve even, smooth skin and make imperfections less noticeable with a microdermabrasion from Nisha Skin Spa. Our crystal-free microdermabrasion utilizes infusions of growth peptides and LED therapy to improve your skin in several ways. It will increase production of collagen and elastin, repair and produce new skin cells, and reduce the appearance of sun damage. Depending on the condition of your skin, we will use one of our special serums like the daily peptide replacement, daily retinol complex, healing peptide complex, or UVA/UVB SPF 30 Sun Protection. Other innovative infusion solutions include the antioxidant moisturizer, acne solution, and skin lightening solution.

Depending on your skin’s unique specifics, we can use a microdermabrasion plan that targets problematic areas while providing only healing and nourishing treatment to other areas.

With our microdermabrasion, you’ll appreciate having smaller, less visible pores, shorter healing times for blemish marks, and less noticeable scars.

Additional Spa Services we offer to our clients include dermaplaning, micro-needling, crystal microdermabrasion, and wet microdermabrasion.

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We’re located inside Phenix Salon Suites.

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